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important. he woke up the american people. i think what you saw was a changing of the guard. you heard this all day. i do think you see ted cruz, senator from texas. marco rubio from florida. and rand paul from kentucky. that is the new guard. old guard is mccain, lindsey graham, mitch mcconnell. i got to say, guys, when you look at it, the republicans, conservatives who would you rather have going forward representing you? the new young bucks -- they got it going on. by the way, for the record, mr. mccain after all this came out and said he thought rand paul was wrong for doing what he did. scratching my head all day why don't you embrace the young guys instead of continueed infighting? >> kimberly: it's interesting how it is lined up with who is pro and con versus a display of democracy. so what do you think about it? young guns? young bucks? what does this happen on libertarian island? >> greg: i'm still thinking 12 hours without peeing. that is a leak the white house is happy about. the big story here is not about the old or the new guard in my opinion. it's turning president obama
need to be a change in the vatican in the curia and bureaucracy and i wouldn't depend on the people in place right now. nicely enconsed. i hope he brings some of his trusted friends from argentina. >> neil: but he has a very nice image, a very soft-spoken man. he has scandals to deal with, though a lot of them -- a financial scandal, the likes of which even italian authorities are pressing european unions still pressing. >> they had to get somebody from the outside. getting somebody from the outside is the only way to change some of the things. the bureaucracy needs shaken up and some other elements of the catholic church. >> neil: bill, it's always so nice. especially on a day like this. we know the formal mass for the pope will be march 19th, next tuesday. and we do know that a very simple man from a very simple past has now assumed the highest spot in the catholic church. a man who has always askewed cooks but he's in italy now. consider it. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> great joy. we have a pope. [ applause ] >> the conclave was to give rome a bishop. it looks like my brother,
imagine. gay marriage, abortion, birth control. anyone looking for change along those lines will not find it in this man. a good and easy google. anything against same-sex, very much against contraceptions. the quotes are out there. you can look at them. for someone looking for change that way, they will not find it. for catholics who want to stick to the moral compass that guided us for century, you will find it in this man. >> kimberly: that was probably pleasing to the curia. strong social stance. >> dana: i know we are running out of time but i want to ask you to tribe how he might be able to help on the world stage when it comes to lune rights -- human rights. church had challenge in china. where people want to worship freely and up against a government that is not allowing that. do you think this new man, the new pope, pope francis will address it effect lively? >> from what i read, it appea appears that that the is the conversation he'd approach with shoulders down, humility and firm compass. freedom to worship the god of your choice is a basic human right. that is how he described
it's a change of th . guard. i think it's out with the old, mccains and the -- don't take offense, about the bushes, the establishment, the b romneys. jeb bush is there. in with the rubios, cruzs, nikki haley, bobby jindal. >> i think out of respect, he was the nominee for the party. like it or not, he ran and he won the nomination. >> not for the cpac. >> i know that. >> i don't think anyone who won the straw poll went on to win. >> who won straw? >> i don't think anybody who won straw polll went on to win. >> romney won the strawg: poll. >> who won in iowa? >> i don't know. reagan and gw bush won the straw poll once. >> i don't remember in cpac. can i ask but rand paul? that was something a lot of people loved hishi sound bite. he said the gop of old has grown stale and moss covered. i don't think we need to name many names, do we. although i think we did.t our party is covered -- i could argue with him on the specifics. let's say from a message rhetorically, good in. >> he's not talking about the message. he's talking about the messengers. more specifically, he's talking about
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in there and take a kid who thinks it's a big deal he impregnated five women to change their mind. >> dana: whose responseability is to change the behavior? who is responsible? >> greg: you can level some blame. at the contemporary culture that iser thenied of staying that certain behaviors are bad. certain behaviors are good. the family reacts to con vulively to rare tragedies. but not those going on around them every day. they have the pulpit to say there are behaviors that don't help you. >> eric: who is responsible to change behavior? the left doesn't want to. let's not change the behavior. >> bob: the first step is have a conversation. democrats, a lot want to protect the programs. a lot republicans say ah-ha. we showed you that it doesn't work. >> greg: in -- >> dana: meantime, this is sought we will continue on another day. directly ahead, educational video shown to children across america that blames america for 9/11 we have a tape. you see it when we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] from the way the bristles move to the way they clean, once you try an oral-b deep sweep power bru
to be -- for the record, this is a big, big line-up. rubio, ryan, trump, palin, ted cruz. i think this is changing of the guard. new conservatives. but my question is mitt romney no,, offense. don't hate me for this. it doesn't fit. didn't fit for me. >> andrea: what do you think? >> dana: i like to watch cpacc in a non-election year. when there is a primary -- if you remember last year, last year i think, that was when everybody was out to try to win cpac. it gets all crazy. this year you have policy discussions and a little bit more, a chance to chew on okay, what do we want on conservative movement? immigration was a top thick morning. like it for this reason. >> andrea: i know you love cpac. you are glued to the t, watching the whole thing. >> bob: i tell you, there are a lot of issues that are dividing conservatives that may or may not come out. immigration one of them. drone policy being another. they are yet to find what it mean boss the next generation of conservatives. the other thing i would say that you look at the winner of the straw poll already. i wageer any amount of money that rand
will rule the country but the bottom line if morsi can get the constitution changed to reflect syria law, he is in power now. not wise to send him millions of dollars in money and technology. >> eric: the people against -- >> bob: the people against shariah law are generals. here is the other thing. i want to know where there are -- i have defended moderate muslims on this show and every chance i have had. it's 110 billion of you i think. where are you? 1.1 billion. >> kimberly: what? >> eric: decimal. >> bob: if you believe that the prophet was somebody that believed you didn't engage women, children, others, unless you were in a battle face-to-face, then what these people are doing in your name? in your name is doing against what muhammad said. rise up and say something. they're not that tough. >> dana: i think that there are moderate leaders. moderate is a relative term the middle east. in southeast asia. the question for us is what can the united states do. to protect the christians that are there. and the national interest. and allies? the first thing is possibility of making aid money
this as the change has happened over time, you can look more now to the second decade of the 21st century to say why is that happening and why does it matter? does it matter? i think in policy and politics it does, and certainly in entertainment the big networks that have all the great shows over the many years, that started to change about ten years ago with reality tv. reality tv programs are inexpensive compared to a big undertaking like the bible. cable stations all across the speck trim are producing much better television. it's that unsatisfying sugar high from watching one reality show you want to see something of substance. great acting and tells us something about communicating to the younger people and it's visual. everything that they look, if you study the revolution, you read the story about the evolution and then you click on the links about george washington being sworn in as the first president. >> i wouldn't say our country is polarized by religion but i think we stored it in the attic and replaced witness more contemporary which is pornography and other things that consume people's
weary americans there is change at the white house. such images don't always last but never let it be said in the moment they don't count. that is not to say that waving to the crowd mys more crowd but it says there is a new noppope intown. they they you never get a second chance to make a first impression. but i'm impressed with those following up to take chances to make a lasting impression. >> kimberly: >> hello. i'm eric bolling with kimberly guilfoyle, bob beckel, dana perino and greg gutfeld. it's happy hour in panama city, florida. this is "the five"! ♪ ♪ >> eric: a special week out of "the five." if you're sick of the blathe blathering on capitol hill and white house, this is where you should be. we have our own version of spring break from politics and we have importantup date for you on the amazing race story we told you about last week. hundreds of thousands of kids descend on south padre island, cancun, mexico and other cities where the kids are partying like rock stars. ♪ ♪ >> eric: we aren't prudes but we thought you might be interested in the mayhem and th
it will change forever. school children will be taught by driftersism instead of cookies, girl scouts will sell lent. old people will be sent to europe and likely end up in ikea meetballs. is this the world you want to live in? >> dana: you have been stressed out about this. >> dana: yesterday i told you there is a study that says bringing dogs to the work place lowers stress. there he is. look on the screen. there se. what did you think of today's dog and pony show at the white house? >> greg: this worst case scenario thing is not sequestration but four more years of epileptic amnesia that we pretend the argument and debates keep happening. >> dana: it's over. >> greg: that's it. eight times over two years we have had the fiscal cliff and the debt ceiling things. obama. >> you can't focus, can you? >> greg: i can't. he reminds me of the chain letter that you get from your aunt. you know, i don't want to bother you but you better send this on or you're turn in a frog. he should be captain chain letter. he talks like a living, breathing chain letter. >> dana: you have to pass it on. >> greg: you
here? president obama wants to punish us. hope and change is scare and blame. we're on to the game. case and point, spending. anyone with half a brain really think he wants to cut spending a punny? my pal alan combs walked in a buzz saw when bill o'reilly confronted him on obama's lies spending. watch. >> here are the programs that are going to go down. here is how we are going to reform medicare and social security. the man refuses to do it. >> not true. >> hold it. he is now teed off at you. give me one damn program he said he has cut -- >> he cut entitlements. >> entitlements. a program. >> are you saying you agree with him -- >> the sitting in the oval office for five years. with a $17 trillion debt. refusing to say one program he cut. you don't think that puts a burden on the american people? >> i keef telling you -- >> you are not telling me anything. this is not about a disagre disagreement. you can't give me an example of a federal program he said he would cut. not one. >> eric: president obama should be ashamed for putting good liberals in the untenable position of having
is changing in new york city. that's right. talk show host joy behar after 16 years time for her to mouth off somewhere else. she told deadline.com she wants to do an intelligent talk show in the future. say it isn't so. so, robert, i know you are so upset about this. you have been crying until we went on the air. >> bob: able to pull myself in here today as a result of this. by the way, intelligence -- the intelligent talk show for her is what they really do call an oxymoron. i think that, look, she is liberal. i like that. most of them are on the show. but if you get in detail of the politics, understand policy, no. >> eric: some people think you are joy behar without the wig. >> bob: i have heard that before. 'canes is a comply meant to you. >> andrea: she has words for "the five." checkly, greg gutfeld. i don't know if you are a fan of the view but looks like joy has been watching you. >> why do i have to be so nasty to us. the guy, greg greg on fox. his -- gre greg gutfeld. it's better for "o" to talk foreign policy than thed bydies on "the view." >> i have ad bydd a biddy for y. come se
a change index on social security, this is something he said he supported months ago. nancy pelosi says he supports it. it's like saying okay, i'll come over to your side a give you my shoe. can you whack yourself over the head with it? that is what he is asking the republicans to do. >> dana: the wall street today said president obama is having woo his democrat on his own minor social security change, then at same time they expect the republicans to cave on raying higher taxes -- raising higher taxes. >> greg: i don't think this matter to anybody outside our building on sixth avenue. obama knows budget talks fall on deaf ears in education the last 30 years, fact-based information replaced by the feeling. financial education requires thinking. however, anti-bullying conferences need poyiansy in emotion. we will spend our way to oblivion and we obsessed over sex ed. it is time for real life education. forget where do babies come from? we need classes on where does money come from. it's not your daddy's wallet. >> bob: yes, it is. >> greg: my point is nobody knows where money comes from. >>
what the party stands for and what change they need to make to win back the white house in 2016. one spur to know us on -- one spur focusing on winning back minority voters. today, rand paul jumped on board. the winner of the cpac straw poll addressing the chamber of commerce in washington had to say. >> republicans need to become parents of a new future with latino voters or we'll need to resign ourselves to being a permanent minority status. republicans pushed them away with harsh rhetoric over immigration. the conversation needs to start by acknowledging that we aren't going to deport 12 million illegal immigrants. my hope is today we begin a dialogue between g.o.p. and latinos. dialogue that shows the g.o.p. sees all immigrants as assets and that latinos can see the g.o.p. as party of opportunity. >> andrea: well, he is one of many who have turned their position toward a more forward-looking position on immigration reform. dana, this would be almost unthinkable. i think years ago your former boss came out and talked about immigration reform. a lot of folks on the right stayed awa
, whatever. he is not going to change who he is. if he wants to be serious about running he has to eventually man up and get consultants. >> dana: there is one thing they can't do to him they did to sarah palin. there is not an actor who will make fun of dr. ben carson. >> bob: good point. >> greg: but what a great name for tv doctor. dr. ben carson. >> dana: paging dr. ben carson. >> greg: save the free enterprise. >> bob: there was a guy, dr. ben wasn't there? >> greg: ben casey. >> eric: coming up, did cbs disrespect vietnam vets by sending reality show con zesttants to hanoi? bob was furious about it. >> bob: don't blame that on young producers. it had to go through somebody at the executive branch of cbs, communist show put on by a network that ought to know better. >> eric: he has more to say about that. but first, #birthday. twitter turned seven and how the social media site changed the world and how it changed our lives right here on "the five." ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> dana: you know, it's twitter's birthday and it's my sister's birthday. what a coincidence! >> greg: who do you like more?
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think they want to keep him in jail. they changed their mind on bail. >> bob: what do you mean a flight risk. you have a guy that can run faster in the world on blades. you let that guy out there. i like greg's idea of reversing the blades. are you kidding me? if that was in the united states the guy wouldn't get outside of his home if he got that far. >> you could recognize him anywhere. >> only 19% of defendants here were even allowed bail. so we have very different rules. i guess his girlfriend's family is not happy with it. >> greg: in order to give him an opportunity to run, they are giving him an opportunity to run. he could escape and his story as more holes than a pee wee golf course. it shows you order in order to gain the system it helps to be the celebrity. nobody would have this ability to get out of this, but selection open up doors that don't exist for anyone else. maybe he is going to visit o.j. or amanda knox. >> or got the ad from nike that basically be a sosmgs you from everything. maybe that is the thinking. and i thought back to the how devastated he pretended to be
think he is on to something here. other people have expressed this as the change has happened over time. you can lookas more starkly now that we are into the second decade of the 21st century. to say why is that happening and why doe hs it matter? and does it matter? both in policy and politics it does, and certainly in entertainment. the networks, the big networks , that really started to change aboutov 10 years ago with realityst tv. reality tv programs are inexpensive sigh compared to the bible. the cable stations all across the spectrum are producing much better television. and i think perhaps it is the unsatisfying sugar high you might get from watching one reality show. you actually want to see something of substance, great acting ande really great lighting. it tells a story and it tells the importance of communicating to younger people and it is visual. everything they look at -- if you study the revolution, you read the story about the evolution and then you click on the link to watch a video about gorming washington being sworn in as the first president. that is something happe
't happy and this could be the opportunity to change course. >>> not just venezuela but i would argue latin america. his health has been deteriorating for a long time. we haven't seen him for a long time and we saw a picture emerge. they were trying to say, waited, he is still alive, but he was very, very sick. >> greg: even fidel castro outlived him. how is that possible? i figured out his name is hugo and he died, sean fe7b, must be grieving. >> he met to venezuela to meet him sort of like the dennis rodman diplomacy. >> he was the first celebrity to cozy up to jerks. >> there are a few countries in centrality and south america that had options to go different ways the they could have gone into mainstream, colombia did that. venezuela didn't could that. bolivia had tried to do it but the bolivian president hooked up with chavez and kind of went left with chavez. maybe now, central and south america will bring themselves back into a more flee trade group and more u.s. friendly group which would be very boon for the american people. we can buy their oil and natural gas. by the way, a lot of
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" and needs to change its ways. we had thoughts on the g.o.p. rush limbaugh. listen. >> the republicans are totally bamboozled and lacking in confidence. which is what happens to every political party after an election in which they think they got shellacked. the republican party lost because it's not conservative. it didn't get the base out. in the 2019 election. >> eric: your thoughts? >> greg: it's hard to take a rebranding suggestion from someone named reince priebus. it sounds like a disorder you get from a shampoo. it's true! the party doesn't need a makeover. they need a makeunder. the party has been victimized by the media who smeared them as uncool. no way to be a republican and be cool. it's associated also to being old. if you look at mccain, most people thought he was a cranky old guy, when he was a war hero who spent five-and-a-half years in a prison camp. most people didn't know that. they saw a cranky guy trying to beat a young black man for the office of the presidency. they need to simplify and say -- who do you want to be? you want to be an individual. you don't want t
are determined to change president assad's calculation. that is one part of it, but other nations are doing other things. >> reporter: later a senior state official said he was referring to the totality of effort at rome. he dises closed for firgh time efforts he has made as secretary to acquire a better you can of the benghazi attack. >> why have we not heard from any of the benghazi survivors? >> well, i can't tell you the answer to that. i can tell you i have visited with one of the survivors at bethesda hospital who is doing very, very well. >> will we hear from them? >> i don't know what the circumstances are of any questions to talk to him. >> reporter: president obama vowed that the perpetrators would be brought to justice, it's been six months. will we see justice brought to those perpetrators? >> i hope we will. i know the president is committed to try to do so. i have personally talked to the f.b.i. director to get a brief on exactly where we stand in that process. >> reporter: what did he tell you? >> he told me literally on the eve of his departure to go to tripoli in order to talk wi
go from here. >> greg: i want to know what they want. to me it seems like this is change they've been waiting for which is a new universe, a new world order to use the old phrase. they have given america lap band surgery. it's okay if it is the side of belgium. >> bob: they built a campaign organization over a tremendous campaign organization in the history of this country. they need to feed it. if you look what the agenda on the meeting it's everything that obama has been asking congress to do and nothing more and nothing less. it's a way to stimulate grassroots support. >> greg: what they have to sustain a smaller economy and bigger government which is like having a giant man in a tiny car. >> you just said grassroots. >> that is the funniest thing. >> eric: hold on, $500,000 you can meet with the president but you can't go to white house tour. the lights are still shut on the tours for day three. kimberly, is it time to hash tag open our white house. >> kimberly: i'm ready for it. open up the white house, did they take you up on the offer? >> greg: they would let you win especially
they ever put on. >> dana: i agree. >> eric: changing of the guard. out with the old, you know, mccains and don't take offense to this, the mccain, the bushes, establishment. the romneys. jeb bush was there. i know. hold on. in with rubio, in with cruz, martinez, nikki haley, jind jin. >> kimberly: out of respect he was the nominee for the party. >> dana: i don't think cpac -- like rand paul won last year. >> greg: romney did. >> dana: ron paul. >> greg: romney won the straw poll. >> dana: who won in iowa? >> greg: i don't know. reagan and g.w. bush won the straw poll. >> dana: i don't remember. can i ask about rand paul? that was something that a lot of people loved his sound bite. the g.o.p. of old has grown steal and moss covered. we have don't need to name any names but we just did. it's incumbered approach to freedom. they need to embrace liberty. it could argue on specifics but rhetorically, is it a good message? >> greg: he is talking about the me generaller iss, not the message -- he is talking about messengers, not the message. he is talking about himself. this is me walki
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, vision changes or eye painine. other side effects include dry mouth and constipation. nothing can reverse copd spiriva helps me breathe better. (blowing sou) ask your doctor about spiriva. ♪ ♪ >> eric: late night war heating up. jay taking shots at nbc. watch. >> y'all excited about march madness? [ applause ] people talk what about's in, who's out, who is going to be eliminated. that is just here at nbc. >> i have never been in the paper this much. it's fap tastic. >> the news "the tonight show" is courted by new york state. first i was like so what? but lot of state offer tax inaccepttive to intyce business to the state and i'm for lower taxes. then i broke down the numbers. new york state is offering tax credit, not simply tax deductions. estimated at or near 24 a year. i can say the taxpayers of new york would not only not collect any taxes from the "tonight show" they will toll out steps of millions in subsidiaries to nbc. we ask, was nbc, fallon and the crew of rich fat cats need that money? >> bob: are you asking me that question? >> eric: yes. >> bob: sorry. let me -- >> eric:
. >> if sequestration isn't resolved, the world as we know it will change forever. school children will be taught by w drifters. instead of cookies, girl scouts will be forced to sell meth. old people will be sent to europe and will likely end up ip meat balls. is this the world you want to live in? >> all right. greg, i know you've been very stressed out about this. the study said dogs at the workplace lower blood pressure. we want to do bring in jasper for you. you'll see him in a second 'cause he's going to be here. >> i can't wait.t >> there he is. i brought him in for you. >> where? >> look on the screen. >> there he is. >> make you feel better. okay. what did you think of today'sf dog and pony show at the white house? >> the worst case scenario thing is not sequestration. it's the four more years of epileptic am year i can't where we pretend these arguments keep happening. what is going on? it's over. >> you knowp what? >> that's it. eight timesg: over two years wee had these fiscal cliff and debt ceiling things. >> you can't focus, can you? >> i can't. obama is captain chain letter. he reminds
when you change with every new day ♪ ♪ then i'm going to miss you >> "the view" is changing in new york city. that's right. chat show host jay behar announced after 16 years, it's time for her to mouth off somewhere else. she told deadline.com she wants to do a, quote, intelligent talk show ino the future. say it isn't so. robert, i know you're so upset a about this. you've been crying. >> clayton: we went on the air. >> i barely were able to pull myself b in here today as a rest of this. by the way, an intelligent -- i punched the wall. an intelligent talk show for hel is what they really do call an oxymoron. look, she's liberal. i like that. most are on that show. by and large, when you start to get into details and politics. >> some people think you're joy behar without the wig. >> i know, i've heard that before. heard that.where i >> that's a compliment. >> she also had some words for "the five," specifically greg gutfeld. greg, i don't know if you're a fan f of "the view," but it looe like joy has been watching you. >> why do they have to be so nasty to us. there is the guy, what's
implication we shouldn't gloss over. >> andrea: this isn't because of the sequestion ration. they have changed the eckcuse. it's budget reason or policy. own up. if the policy is let them go, they need to say we are letting them go because it's a new policy. not because of the budget. they have $100 million in unincumbered fund. >> we didn't make this up. this isn't come up poof out of thin air. the illegal immigrants were let go, the day of or the day prior to sequestion trace. it was janet napolitano that mentioned it in one of the discussions about the effects of sequestions ration. she mentioned it. it's not like we made it up. it may have been going on for a while. they tie the illegals they let go to sequestration. randy forbes is on that committee also and he and trey gazzi did a great job to drill the director they didn't need to release them. >> bob: i.c.e. is subject to millions of sequestions ration. >> andrea: i.c.e. was given more money for detention than requested. they had plenty of money. >> eric: you mentioned political benefit in the first block. there is one now for presiden
of campaigning has changed so much. i didn't see any other media organization pick up the story and push it. a new way to communicate and how obama cam pape talked to followers and people to vote for them. they didn't go to the media. they went to them. there was no story on cnn calling on them to apologize. a of those organizations have veterans but nobody else picked it up. it's what you said, greg. if fox brings it up, it's not a story. veterans watch the show and people who support them not just from the vietnam war but iraqi freedom and enduring freedom also reached out to you. i commend you for it but a fascinating lesson in current communication in politic and media. >> greg: people at "the amazing race" is good people. brukeheimev a great guy, patriot and does work. they don't it coming. the fact they acted on the next show, shows they mean it. there is no harm to say you screwed up. story of my life. >> kimberly: i am proud of you. this shows when you have a voice and feel passionate how it rez mates to produce a positive outcome and result. >> eric: if there are politics watching,
. i like to see that. in that sense, he has been a good role model. he apologized and tried to change his life. nevertheless, nike just cares about winning and money. >> bob: he's been a good role model? >> kimberly: for coparenting with the kids. in the aftermath of -- no. in the aftermath of the divorce. i don't know. >> kimberly: he's not been the optimal husband or father. you know what happens -- >> kimberly: i am saying after the divorce. >> bob: i'm saying they are capitalizing on winning and winning does not take care of everything. >> dana: everyone is a winer. >> greg: thank you. >> dana: everyone gets a trophy. can't have an award ceremony. everybody is equal. >> kimberly: no gift and talented program. or m.g.m. i was in that. mentally gifted minor. my brothers called me mentally gifted moron. it was mean. >> bob: i couldn't fill out the application. oh, yeah. one more thing is up next. >> kimberly: thank you. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ find their own adventure, ♪ ♪ up and on my way, you got the time to slow things down... ♪ sometimes the best road trip moments are the ones that
to do her any opinion to stay off the stand. she has to make an explanation. she has changed their defense. they have to put on some kind of affirmative defense to say she was abused verbally, this was a bizarre relationship. she felt she had no other choice but to kill him and act to defend herself. they're trying make her the victim. the question is, were they able to come back and do any kind of damage control based on really the prosecutorial beat showing took. >> agot all the evidence they need on this woman. she threw the gun away. but what i'm wondering whether the prosecutor, who was so tough on her, day in and day out, day in and day out, there is a time when you can overdo it as a prosecutor? >> you can. you have to know not to ask that one question too many or to beat up on the person on the stand, whether it's a witness testifying for the defense, whether it's the defendant themselves, because you can turn off people if you come off sort of as the bully. >> the judge admonished him several times -- >> to dial back. just depends if that's going to be enough to kind
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